What we do.

Arts Management
  • Artist manager
  • Assistant artist manager
  • Booking agent
  • Project manager
  • Press kit design
Live Events & Performances
  • Audio
  • Production management
  • Stage management
  • Technical direction
  • Make up artist
  • Artistic programming
  • Marketing and communications
  • Production management
  • Legal counsel

We are making Colombia into a music box for the world.

Metrónoma, a name to give new dimensions and opportunities to the musicians, is stepping ahead to make Colombia a music box for the world. The prime focus is to reach non-exclusive agreements and to introduce upcoming artists with the prospective and new clients. The artist roster presents a diversified range from opera singers to jazz and symphonic and chamber music players from different corners across the globe. The chosen artists are renowned for their good sound and are associated with emergent and long-standing projects.


Not all artists are on stage.

The spectators recognize the face of their artist but never come to know about the face behind the making of that ‘face’. This is the invisible troupe that works for the success of the live performances behind the curtains, beyond artists and audiences to present the creators’ perception honestly and faithfully. Metrónoma, offers services of such experts from different fields of performing arts and their production. The backstage professionals available to share their know-how comprises of technical experts, make-up professionals and stage directors.


The making of… performing arts.

Metrónoma not only presents music proposals to the clients but also offers consultancy services in the field of performing arts. The professional experience of the young experts at Metrónoma assists the artists in accomplishing their projects in a better way. The agency works on special projects and provides consultancy services in any business area we deem necessary and associated with performing arts production.

Why do people love Metrónoma?